Hospitality Experience: The Langham, London

The Langham is a fine example of Harbrine expertly co-ordinating door hardware, locking systems and access control on a luxury hotel

Hotel guests open and close many doors every day. The ironmongery must live up to that. Great door hardware feels perfectly in touch with its surroundings and is long-lasting. Anything less and the hospitality experience will fall short.

Mission statement

A hotel is a space for temporary living. This implies a responsibility to provide the appropriate level of amenities and in the case of a luxury hotel such as The Langham, such amenities are held to the highest standards. The opening and closing of doors may often be taken for granted, but door hardware is actually fundamental to enhancing the guest experience. It needs to be beautiful, yet must also withstand the rigours of a busy, 24-hour functioning building.

Lack of detail and poor quality decisions made during design, construction or refurbishment can have costly long-term repercussions for hotel operators. Guests certainly notice such lapses. Noisy doors are an irritant. Loose, broken or difficult to use door fittings are even worse. Any of which has a detrimental effect on a hotel’s day-to-day operation and, ultimately, its reputation.

It isn’t only about the doors of course. Each element within the hotel must interact harmoniously with its counterparts. Harbrine specialises in co-ordinating the door hardware, locking systems and access control. Decorative metalwork may be added for that extra special finishing touch.

The Langham, London is an excellent example of these principles in practice.