Harbrine at Twenty-five and Beyond

Harbrine at Twenty-five

Harbrine has constantly evolved and innovated, with unmatched service levels and an enviable brand portfolio. Here’s a snapshot of where we’re at in 2019

Harbrine has been at the forefront of architectural ironmongery for 25 years. It would have been easy to always rely on tried and tested practices, but instead we have constantly evolved and innovated. We are renowned for our unmatched service levels and have built an enviable brand portfolio catering to different architectural disciplines and sectors.

Harbrine at Twenty-five and Beyond commercial office interior
Image courtesy of Fusion Partitions

HBR is a comprehensive range of architectural ironmongery, while HGP is a series of innovative products for glass doors and partitioning.

Harbrine’s specification offering includes FSB and Geo hardware. Geo applies the principles of modernism to a new and exclusive range of hardware products for the workplace and home. We are delighted to present FSB and Geo at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019.

We also deliver world class project solutions for luxury hotels and fine residences through our Carrson International division, which is the European home of Sun Valley Bronze.

Harbrine is a full GAI member, a GuildMark member and an accredited member of FIS.